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Turning In, Vol. 4 – SoundCloud

Listen to Turning In, Vol. 4 by Nadja Lind #np on #SoundCloud


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[chillout dub] Nadja Lind’s 111 min of Dub – SoundCloud | #WorkAMusic #Deep #Focus – @lucidflowrecords

Listen to [chillout dub] Nadja Lind’s 111 min of Dub by Nadja Lind #np on #SoundCloud

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To call in the Power of Fire to symbolically cleanse out the old to make room for new | #photolog #Valborg #Walpurgis #Fire

Walpurgis fire. Valborg. Norrköping, last of April, 2017. A bunch of really fine pics I want to give justice, to tell the full story of this day.

Roll over, to next day, what can be done – next day! Bed, calling, now. Meeting May with cleansed spirit and strong hope.

All will be fine. Intention.

All is fine! Affirmation!

(Photo by Karin)

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Mika at the Fishing Prèmiere at Strömparken! // Moon Boots – The Life Aquatic | #TOTD #ThemeOfTheDay #photostory

A day in strange flow. Keeping calm. We were at Strömparken, where the annual Spring Opening Fishing Première took place. Mika had great fun! And yes, Mika’s first 640 days. What challenges, what a bliss, what a flow of pure, tangible, Love Power!

He also saw a duck race in the stream :).

So the tune below – Mika Lullaby, and chill!
Good Night!

The Life Aquatic by Moon Boots

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Prince Concert Setlist at Johanneshov Isstadion, Stockholm on August 11, 1988 | setlist.fm // #Prince4Ever #celebration2017 #flashback


Here, Me Waz.

Your Legacy lives on.

Let Purple Hearts flow all over the planet, everywhere, until we reach