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Turning In, Vol. 4 – SoundCloud

Listen to Turning In, Vol. 4 by Nadja Lind #np on #SoundCloud


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Mika at the Fishing Prèmiere at Strömparken! // Moon Boots – The Life Aquatic | #TOTD #ThemeOfTheDay #photostory

A day in strange flow. Keeping calm. We were at Strömparken, where the annual Spring Opening Fishing Première took place. Mika had great fun! And yes, Mika’s first 640 days. What challenges, what a bliss, what a flow of pure, tangible, Love Power!

He also saw a duck race in the stream :).

So the tune below – Mika Lullaby, and chill!
Good Night!

The Life Aquatic by Moon Boots

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Yin ~ Yang | #blogg29 [Y]


There are four symbols I use to reflect my life philosophy. One of them is the Yin-Yang. For me, it’s a symbol that reflects something that is independent of religious beliefs. And that is harmony.

So many people are obsessed with hunting for happiness and to feel lucky. There lies a danger with this. It’s not a stable situation to be happy. The endorphin rush is temporary. But to deal with life’s ups and downs, it’s wiser to seek harmony.

The other three symbols?

Well, follow this blog, and I will get to those as well!