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[chillout dub] Nadja Lind’s 111 min of Dub – SoundCloud | #WorkAMusic #Deep #Focus – @lucidflowrecords

Listen to [chillout dub] Nadja Lind’s 111 min of Dub by Nadja Lind #np on #SoundCloud

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To call in the Power of Fire to symbolically cleanse out the old to make room for new | #photolog #Valborg #Walpurgis #Fire

Walpurgis fire. Valborg. Norrköping, last of April, 2017. A bunch of really fine pics I want to give justice, to tell the full story of this day.

Roll over, to next day, what can be done – next day! Bed, calling, now. Meeting May with cleansed spirit and strong hope.

All will be fine. Intention.

All is fine! Affirmation!

(Photo by Karin)